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Planned Parenthood Sting: Videos Released

The Live Action anti-abortion group has released three more undercover videos, which the group claimed show Planned Parenthood employees assisting a man self-identifying as a pimp for child prostitutes get abortions and birth control for “his” underage girls.

The video was filmed this January at Planned Parenthood clinics in Falls Church, Charlottesville and Roanoke, Virginia. Live Action said today that the videos are proof that Planned Parenthood is “willing to aid and abet the sexual trafficking and exploitation of minors and young women.”

Planned Parenthood countered by claiming that the “sting” videos are part of a publicity campaign to push legislation that would take away Planned Parenthood’s funding.

The three videos — one was taken at each clinic in three separate incidents — show a man admitting he manages teenage girls as child prostitutes. He then asks questions about prices and “identification requirements” for getting STD testing, birth control, and abortions for “his” girls.

Planned Parenthood employees are then seen and heard answering his questions.

“It’s very clear to us that these tapes show health professionals doing their job,” according to Planned Parenthood spokesman Stuart Schear. “What the tapes don’t show is that after these unusual encounters, these health professionals went to their superiors and reported they had unusual encounters with a suspicious individual and Planned Parenthood managers reported their suspicions to local authorities,” he said.

One New Jersey clinic employee who was captured on film was fired as a result. Planned Parenthood claims it notified both local and national authorities after the encounters.

Live Action founder Lila Rose (pictured), who recently appeared as a guest on WINA, said her group will send the Virginia footage, including that shot in Charlottesville, to state law enforcement officials and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli said in a statement released Friday that he plans to review the footage, noting that what he has seen so far “is very disturbing.”