Elisha Strom Arrested Again

Elisha Strom, 35, of Thaxton, Virginia, has been charged (in 2010) with violating a court order.

The former White separatist who was arrested and convicted last year for obstruction of justice due to her stalking, photographing, obsessing over, and blogging about Charlottesville police officers (mainly but not exclusively members of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force), has been arrested again this week, this time for allegedly violating the court order she accepted as part of her guilty plea.

It’s not clear exactly what aspect of her order she is accused of violating, but she has continued to follow, photograph, and blog about Charlottesville-area police (including state police) since her conviction. Her work, including her own account of her most recent arrest, can be seen at her I HEARTE JADE blog. According to Strom’s account, she is free on $2,000 bond and her hearing is scheduled in Albemarle County Court in mid-April.

3 thoughts on “Elisha Strom Arrested Again

  1. I just read her blog. This woman is seriously psycho. Why would anyone spend all her time following cops around and interfering with their operations? Espec. since she lives in Thaxton, HOURS away from her “targets”?

  2. Hmmm… having watched her in action before… let me guess… she’ll take a plea and then declare victory. Hell, both sides can declare victory.

    Proving nothing. And none of the inside dope about her and the info-stealing cops she was sleeping with will come out. And the bad censorship laws “protecting” the bad cops will still be on the books.

  3. Some more details… she has a six-month suspended sentence in Albemarle, and a 60-day suspended sentence in Charlottesville. She was convicted of obstruction of justice for her following the officers, and publishing pics of their houses and their home addresses. Now it looks like she might have to really serve time.

    Elisha Strom also bragged about having sexual relations with Charlottesville officers (some of whom were feeding her information on the JADE task force that she published on her blog) including Brian N. O’Donnell, whom she used to rid herself of an unwanted husband.

    The latest arrest warrant claims that she followed some JADE officers on March 23 in a green Toyota.

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