Ciceronian Society: Charlottesville Connection

THE CICERONIAN SOCIETY facilitates the development of academic conferences that explore the many and various topics related to our core themes of Tradition, Place, and ‘Things Divine.’ Ultimately, we hope that papers delivered at Ciceronian Society Conferences can find a publishable home

Military-Industrial Complex Protested

by David Swanson SO, HERE WE ARE, 50 years and 8 months tomorrow from the day on which President Dwight Eisenhower, on his way out of office, warned: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence,

Vasciunaite Pleads Guilty to Drunken Maiming

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (ABP) — A California Baptist University women’s basketball player pleaded guilty Feb. 9 in Virginia to two felonies after hitting a construction worker last summer while driving drunk. Vitalija Vasciunaite, 22, confessed in Albemarle County Circuit Court to maiming another

Charlottesville: Not a Typo

by Benjamin D. Herson Prior to our (“Great Typo Hunt”) event in Charlottesville, I decided to send out a little tweet.  (Yes, I have recently become yet another twit.)  Unfortunately, I’d botched something.  The red squiggles indicated I’d misspelled the word Charlottesville.

Baking Charlottesville (A Great Real Estate Market?)

Charlottesville, Virginia was recently voted the number one place to live in the Unites States by two formidable publications: USA Today and Frommer’s Travel. Follow this perfect recipe on how a small city was able to earn these formidable accolades. How does

UVA “Teddy Bear Clinic”

Diana Cummins writes at the UVA Web site that children love teddy bears. That’s not news, but the way teddy bears are being used by University of Virginia nursing students is news. Cummins writes” “Assistant professor Carol Lynn Maxwell-Thompson conducted a Teddy