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Charlottesville SPCA and Humane Society Spay Day

by Katrina Kiefer

The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA has many events throughout the year geared towards alleviating our country’s pet overpopulation problem, not least of which are the feral cat spay/neuter events that are part of the CASPCA’s barn cat adoption and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) programs in cooperation with Voices for Animals.  The next two TNR events will be held at the CASPCA on February 26th and March 19th, 2011.  Please visit either the CASPCA TNR web page or Voices for Animals’ website for more information about how to become a participant of this life-saving, all volunteer-driven and FREE program.

With kitten season just around the corner, the CASPCA has gone one better this February by offering free spay/neuter services for your favorite house cats too.  The program is available to all middle and lower income families in Albemarle County and is convenient and easy to access.  You can drop by the facility to fill out an application or use their easy online application and submit your information with the click of a button.  This program will be offered all of February and the CASPCA will do its best to schedule Mr. and Ms. Fuzzynickers’ procedure for a day and time that is convenient for you.  Remember, all it takes is one accidental outdoor adventure for your cat to become a parent, and if you’re favorite feline is of the indoor/outdoor variety, the need to spay or neuter becomes even more urgent.

The Humane Society of the United States’ and Humane Society International are also making the effort of having your dog or cat spayed/neutered a whole lot easier and even fun with this years’ annual Spay Day.

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Islamic Finance Course at CFA

ACCORDING TO Arab News, the Charlottesville, Virginia-based CFA Institute will soon be offering a curriculum that includes “Islamic Finance.” The Institute has offices around the globe and promotes transparency, fairness, and ethical standards in the financial industry.

For religious reasons, Islamic societies traditionally forbid practices that are common in Western economies: the taking of interest on loans or the creation of money as interest-bearing debt, as practiced daily by commercial banks and central banks like the Bank of England in the UK or the Federal Reserve here in the United States.


WNRN: the Good and the Bad

by Garet G. Sarkisian

WNRN is an independent, non-commercial radio station in Charlottesville, 91.9 on the FM dial — and I really love its main programming staple, modern rock. Modern rock (sometimes called alternative or indie rock) is the negation of all the commercialized trends in popular music since disco.

It’s sustained mainly by small businesses — recording studios, record stores, small venues, alternate ‘Net-based distro schemes — and for the most part disconnected from big multinational corporations.

Modern rock proponents might not like to admit it, but their genre marks a return to melody and refined emotions (coupled with rock’s tremendous dynamic energy) — quite at odds with the big music corporations’ attempt to merge rock with the crudest kinds of rap and hip-hop.

Many’s the time that listening to WNRN has opened my mind to new artists, new bands, and new lyricists, which I’ve later explored in detail. In fact, WNRN is my guide to what’s new and worthwhile in pop music, and guides my music purchases and explorations of Shareaza and other peer-to-peer networks (hey, I do like to try before I buy — and WNRN focuses my efforts).

But I think they need to do a couple of things better. I’d really like it if they dropped the hip-hop stuff they play late on weekends. It doesn’t fit, and other stations do that better anyway. And I wish they’d quit compressing and clipping the hell out of their audio — it sounds even more compressed than the commercial stations in town, and that’s too compressed, taking away the sweetness of the CD sound and removing too much of the dynamic range. They should take a page out of WTJU’s engineering book and back way off on the audio processing and turn off the clipping altogether. WTJU (91.1 FM) sounds like a high-fidelity stereo dream, even on my high-end German headphones, and their audio is still plenty loud to give them great coverage with only 600 Watts of power.

WNRN’s online audio stream isn’t particularly wide bandwidth, either.

But enough of the criticism. WNRN obviously cares about the music. They were first in the field — and are still ahead of the Modern Rock curve. They’ve built an impressive network with simulcast stations in Waynesboro, Lovingston, Lynchburg, Lexington, Richmond, Harrisonburg, and Staunton. They subsist on donations, not commercials or big-media bankrolls.  They’re good at what they do. Enjoy some new music and tune them in. And send them a few rapidly-depreciating Obama dollars if you like what you hear.

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Elisha Strom Arrested Again

Elisha Strom, 35, of Thaxton, Virginia, has been charged (in 2010) with violating a court order.

The former White separatist who was arrested and convicted last year for obstruction of justice due to her stalking, photographing, obsessing over, and blogging about Charlottesville police officers (mainly but not exclusively members of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force), has been arrested again this week, this time for allegedly violating the court order she accepted as part of her guilty plea.

It’s not clear exactly what aspect of her order she is accused of violating, but she has continued to follow, photograph, and blog about Charlottesville-area police (including state police) since her conviction. Her work, including her own account of her most recent arrest, can be seen at her I HEARTE JADE blog. According to Strom’s account, she is free on $2,000 bond and her hearing is scheduled in Albemarle County Court in mid-April.