Baking Charlottesville (A Great Real Estate Market?)

Charlottesville, Virginia was recently voted the number one place to live in the Unites States by two formidable publications: USA Today and Frommer’s Travel. Follow this perfect recipe on how a small city was able to earn these formidable accolades.

How does a small city of 60,000 people earn the respect as the number one place to live and work in the country? It’s the Charlottesville real estate market! It’s hot…hot…hot.

Charlottesville, Virginia real estate has been rocketing ever since it earned these accolades last spring.

“The emails are coming in from all over the country,” adds Toby Beavers, an internet savvy realtor and webmaster of

“They all want to know what’s so great about Charlottesville real estate. Very few know a thing about the Charlottesville area real estate market…o r even Virginia.”

Why, then, do they ask or care? Simple… Take a two hundred year old western outpost add to this four future presidents (Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Tyler) and in 1815 you had one of the finest Georgian towns in the new United States.

Charlottesville real estate was a great deal back then too, as Peter Jefferson (Thomas’ father) and Nicholas Lewis (Merriwether’s father) would have told you (but maybe not). (After making fortunes on Albemarle County real estate they hastily sped through the uncharted Blue Ridge Mountain passes acting as surveyors but buying up much of the choice lands in Ohio and Kentucky.)

Then combine the bold, scientific expeditions of Lewis & Clark and building of the University of Virginia, which is currently the number one public university (Princeton Review) in the country and we are baking! Now let’s turn it up a notch and combine that with 2 of America’s top 100 hospitals in the country; a very low crime rate; affordable cost of living; and we are cooking hot! Bam…Bam….Bam…

Throw in the unpollinated, clear Blue Ridge Mountain air; a large array of holistic healers; a 4-star ski resort (Wintergreen); a 5-star Orient Express Hotel (Keswick Hall), originally founded by Laura Ashley; and Charlottesville real estate is starting to smell like Emeril’s kitchen!

Now for the topping… four complete seasons planned just as God wanted them to be; wonderful warm southern hospitality with an urbane, cosmopolitan flair; lots and lots of old money; superb public schools (free!!!); a new space age airport with direct flights to Newark and Ft. Lauderdale; three fox hunts; exquisite horse farms and stately Georgian Virginia estates sprinkled everywhere; a serious Little League complex donated by prolific author, John Grisham; and Rita Dove, Sissy Spacek and Rita Mae Brown running around doing good deeds for numerous charities!

This cake is ready to fly… Now, you can either brag about this recipe or you can sell it! I prefer to sell Charlottesville real estate.

Toby Beavers Charlottesville Realtor

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